Date Published 
Tue 6 Jul 2021

Thanks to the magic of Zoom it was easy to forget that some of us hadn’t actually see each other in the flesh, as it were, for a year and a half. In the case of Leon no one had ever seen him in person and up until recently your reporter thought he was actually in Australia so was doubly impressed that he had made the effort to attend!

It all took place in the baronial setting of the grounds surrounding Jeremy’s apartment in St Albans. With the weather leading up to the evening decidedly changeable it did not auger well for this particular night. It all perked up just in time and we were very lucky with a window of perfect conditions; warm, dry, little wind and a clear sky until sunset. The grounds surrounding Jeremy’s palace were immaculate. One wonders just how he finds time for this quantity of high level gardening as well as his photography.

Tonight he was master of the ‘fire’ as well - no small responsibility. Early arrivals were able to wander around the grounds and admire the collection of massive pines and Wellingtonias presumably part of the original grounds when it was some very wealthy individual’s residence. Meanwhile Jeremy, much of the time enveloped in smoke, set about cooking anything and everything he was brought whilst club sauntered around photographing the wonders of the huge gardens then and relaxing around the camp fire. David Butler often ably assisting with ‘cooking’ duties.

The paved area we had at our disposal was just right for the dozen or so that attended although as always it would have been even better with more. Plenty of places to sit and more chairs and tables were available had we been a larger group.

We are all indebted to Jeremy for having had the idea in the first place and then putting in the effort to make it happen. I am sure everyone attending would be happy to do so again. The numerous images from the occasion now appearing on the club’s Facebook pages may well encourage the others. Have a look.

Dave Hipperson