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“We had 72 images this year - "possibly too many"? Well, we had additional competitions to fill gaps in the programme where (in the absence of Covid) we had planned members' meetings, etc. Thus "Trees", "Red" and "In the kitchen" provided 9 placed images that were automatically included. Additionally, we decided to try to raise the profile of the John Woodworth competition to an "elite" event by allowing the top 3 images in each of the 3 genres to qualify for image of the year. This was in the hopes of encouraging more entries - it didn't work this time, but maybe the whole Zoom business put some off. That introduced another 9 qualified images. Last year the JW trophy didn't allow any images to qualify. So we had 15 qualifying from League R1-R5, 15 from various "genre" competitions, and 18 more as described. Then we had the authors' choices, another 24 images (2 per author). Personally, I had quite some difficulty deciding which 2 to choose (I wanted to include about 8!!). Now, in the "good old days" we would have had more than 12 authors providing their chosen images - another 9 would have given us the same number of images as this year. The authors' choices are an important part of this process. The one time I've won PDI of the year was with an image that originally scored a 16 in competition. This year, 6 of the 16 Commended or better images were authors choices.The winning image, "Boys will be boys", came from the John Woodworth competition (where it was not 1st!) - would John Jennings had chosen it as an authors' pick if had not qualified automatically?”
Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell made a comment on PDI of the Year……PSCC….judged by Peter Prosser………..3.6.2021 1 week 2 days ago