Competition Rules

1.For the remainder of the 2022-23 season, competitions are open to fully paid up members of the
PARK STREET CAMERA CLUB, or any guests on payment of the £4 weekly meeting fee for the date of
the competition. The entrant of submitted prints or projected images must be the author and
copyright holder of the work entered.

2. No image which is substantially the same as one that has already been entered in a Park Street Camera Club competition shall be entered in another competition in the same year, with the exception of appropriate entries in the Print of the Year or the Projected Images of the Year competitions.

3. Any print or projected image receiving a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any competition, at Park Street or any othersimilarclub, shall not be eligible for entry in any future Park Street competition, with the exception of appropriate entries in the Print of the Year or the Projected Images of the Year competitions.

4. Any print or projected image submitted for club competitions, whether open or specific competition is done on the understanding that it shall be available for future inter-club competitions, with the exception of members of more than one club having informed PSCC that they have already granted the permission to another club, and if placed will be included on the club’s web site (print entrants must provide a suitable digital version of the image following the competition) and can be used by the club at exhibitions and for publicity purposes.By entering, the Photographer consents to the retention and onward use by PSCC of information identifying the Photographer as the creator of an Image.

5. Digitally manipulated and printed prints and projected images are eligible for entry in all club competitions provided that such entries are derived entirely from negatives, digital files or slides originated by the author and for which s/he holds the copyright. The committee reserves the right to inspect the original material from which digital entries have been produced. Images that contain commercial CD images or anything produced by a third party, or elements not wholly produced by the author, are ineligible.

6. The method of judging and selection of entries shall be at the discretion of the committee.

7. Members may enter up to 4 images in each of the league competitions. For the set subjects (Landscape, People, Wildlife and Mono) we have decided that  we will revert to the previous system of 3 PDIs and 3 prints rather than a maximum of 5 entries that we've had for the last few years.  Print of the Year and the Projected Images of the Year competitions are specified separately.

8. Both monochrome and colour images can be entered for any competition with the exception of the Mono only competitions.

9. All prints must be mounted, clearly marked with the author's name and titled. The author's name must not appear on the front of the print. The mount must not exceed 40cm x 50cm.

10. The titles of prints and digital files must be emailed or submitted to the Competition Coordinator by midnight on the Sunday before the competition in order to prepare the competition entry list. However, in exceptional circumstances the Competition Co-ordinator has the discretion to extend the deadline for submission on the proviso that:-A -all members are notified by email at the same time of the extended time and date for submissions and, B those who have already submitted their entries have the opportunity to substitute any of their submissions. Members must enter their images on the PSCC website. A digital version of print entries must also accompany entries on to the website.

11. Only projected images submitted as digital files produced to a format specified from time to time by the Committee (shown below) are eligible for entry into projected image competitions. For the 2019/20season,images shall be submitted as jpegswith a maximum of1600pixelswide by 1200 pixels high, sRGB colour space.

Print League

The league consists of 4 open subject competitions. All these competitions will be points-scoring. The Harris Print Tankard will be awarded by the judge for the best print of the evening at each open print competition and is held until the next open print competition evening.

Projected Image League

The league consistsof 4 open subject competitions. All these competitions will be points-scoring. The PSCC Projected Images Competition Cup will be awarded by the judge for the best projected image of the evening at each open projected image competition and is held until the next open projected image competition evening.

Specific Annual Point Scoring Competitions

(Prints & Projected Images)

Mono (point-scoring)

The Mono (single colour not just black and white) Competition,which is open subject, is restricted to monochromeimages only. (Both colour and mono images can be entered for any other competition.)The judge will award our two trophies, one for the best print and the other for the best projected image.

Creative (point  scoring)

The Creative competition for PDIs only is designed to allow you to let your imagination run freely. The judge will be looking for unusual/experimental subjects and treatments. The judge will award a Creative Cup for the best projected image.


This subject for this competition is easily defined as anything with one or more person in it.  Two trophies will be awarded The Norman Ludlow Cup (Prints) and People Cup for Projected Image.


Wildlife is defined as animals (living organisms which feed on organic matter) whose normal habitat is not domesticated. Wild animals kept in captivity are eligible, domesticated animals are not.However, images should also comply with the Royal Photographic Society’s Nature Group rule:A nature (Wildlife) photograph should convey the essential truth of what the photographer saw at the time it was taken. No radical changes should be made to the original photograph, nor additions from any source, whether during processing in the darkroom,or through digital/electronic manipulation. The removal of minor blemishes or distractions is permissible.The judge will award our two Baird Trophies, one for the best print and the other for the best projected image.


There are many definitions of a Landscape, the one we use is:An image that has as its subject an extensive outdoor scene of land, sea, sky or city, with no requirement that land as such be the largest component. It may include individualitems of interest like persons, trees, buildings but not if they dominate the image. The judge will award two Landscape Cups, one for the best print and the other for the best projected image.

John Woodworth Trophy: (Celebrating Johns excellence and creativity as a People, Mono and Landscape Photographer) Each member who enters this competition must submit 4 PDI images, one being a people photograph, one a landscape, one a mono and one additional for any one of the categories the people and landscape images must be colour and the mono can be any subject. File format and titling as normal but start title with “M“ (M followed by a space) for mono, “P“ for people and “L“ for landscape,then the normal title. Example:-M THIS IS MY MONO IMAGE#Fred Bloggs The images will be grouped for marking so all the monos will be judged together etc and then the marks for each entrant will be aggregated. The judge will award the trophy to the entrant with the highest number of marks and if there is a tie they will see all the images from the tied authors and decide the winner.Trophies for the above competitions are held until the next appropriate competition.

Annual -End of Year Competitions

Towards the end of the year we choose the best print and projected image from all those entered in any of that year’s competitions. All images that have been placed 1st, 2ndor 3rdwill be automatically be entered for the competition,but everyone is also able to enter two/three*of their images that they think deserve a second chance. These are non-point scoring competitions, having had all images scored in an earlier competition, but the judge will comment and choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd and possibly Highly Commended images from the entries.

Print of the Year:

A member may enter up to three other prints previously entered in any of thatyear’s print competitions.

Projected Image of the Year:

A member may enter up to two other projected images previously entered in any of that year’s projected image competitions.

Annual -End of Year Trophies

Print Photographer of the Year:

Awarded to the member gaining the most points in the 4 rounds ofthe print league.

Projected Image Photographer of the Year:

Awarded to the member gaining the most points in the 4 rounds ofthe projected images league.

Photographer of the Year:

All competitions except panels competition will contribute to the Photographer of the year award.

External Competitions

PSCC takes part in various competitions with other clubs (external competitions). Some of these involve several clubs, such as the Rosebowl organised by the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs or the North West London Federation Inter-club competition, that have several rounds and then finals for the best clubs. Others, like the Visions competition are organised by another club, in this case XRR. We hold an annual inter-club 'Landscapes' competition in which we compete with 11 other clubs, entering the best projected images from our internal Landscape competition or others taken during the year. There are lots of external competitions which individual members can enter. The one organised by the CACC is called the Chiltern 100 Competition and each member can enter one projected image. The PAGB organises inter-federation competitions and one of our members images are occasionally part of the CACCs entries.