An evening with Andy Sands 26 Jan 2023

Date Published 
Fri 27 Jan 2023

From Slime Moulds to Hares and from Insects to Birds this was another brilliant talk from Andy. The fact that all of these images were shot during the last year is testament to both his skills as a photographer as well as his patience and perseverance. How many of us are willing to get up at 4 o'clock on a summer's morning to capture dew covered insects before they've had a chance to warm up or to lie flat in a field photographing the wild life within cow pats?

Andy admits that he has an obsession with slime moulds and it's very easy to see why. They are extraordinarily beautiful and somehow even seem unreal. The quality of his images was not only superb but pictorially very appealing as well. Andy is a very good speaker, has a number of amusing anecdotes and treated us to a most enjoyable evening.

Chris Gilbert


Andy featured in the 17th January edition of Amateur Photographer giving his expert view on 'The art of ISO', with an example of one of his slime mould extreme macro images, and demonstrating the new OM-1 camera's capability. Watch out for him in the prestigious National Geographic (expected May edition). Its great to have someone like Andy come to speak to us, especially when so many of his images where taken in nearby Bricket Wood and environs!