Competition : Open Prints Round 2 Judge: Michael Lurie of Pinner

Date Published 
Fri 1 Dec 2023

Twenty eight images were entered for the round 2 open prints competition. Michael Lurie began by congratulating the club on the presentation and in particular the mounting of the prints. He also emphasised that he was looking for a degree of originality. Before the break he gave a fair critique of all of the images holding back 13 for a further look. After the break and much deliberation he reduced the shortlist to 10 and made his final decisions.

This was an entertaining evening judged with a combination of constructive comments and humour.


1st Chris Gilbert Meconopsis

2nd Chris Gilbert The Tree in the Rape Field

3rd Assaf Frank Autumn Morning Rays

Highly Commended

Assaf Frank Old Vienna

Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Ethereal dawn, Halong Bay

Assaf Frank Autumn Bridge


Chris Gilbert The Window Within

Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Terraces of Gold

John Jennings Pas de Deux

John Jennings Sophie