Creative Cup Competition 30 March 2023 Judge Sarah Sands

Date Published 
Mon 17 Apr 2023

This year the committee decided to make this competition PDI only and not contribute marks towards the Photographer of the Year. It was felt that this might encourage members to be rather more experimental and to try and maximise creativity.

Sarah Sands was once more the judge for this competition and used her experience as an artist to offer some excellent and constructive comments to all of the images. A large number of images were held back. It was pleasing for the club that not only did Sarah comment that our creative images were reaching a higher standard every year but also that the standard was so good that she found it difficult to finally select the placed images.

Congratulations to Sue Hipperson for retaining the cup with her 'Chiffon Flowers' which would not look out of place in the Tate Modern and many thanks to Sarah for an entertaining evening.

1st Chiffon Flowers Sue Hipperson

2nd Clematis Assortment Assaf Frank

3rd Woodland Haunts Sue Anderson

Highly Commended

Fast Tracks - Assaf Frank

Once in a Blue Moon -Chris Gilbert

Tomato Pop Art - Assaf Frank

All Points to the Black Hole - Norman Marshall

Frozen - Jeremy Fraser- Mitchell

Fandango -John Jennings

Road through the Mountains - Sue Hipperson

Canary Wharf at Night -Terry Day


The Sea Green Planet – Sue Hipperson

Henna Beard – Chris Gilbert

Le Morte d'Arthur – Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell

Shadows – John Jennings

Chris Gilbert