Date Published 
Sat 10 Dec 2022

A very cold winter's evening outside was appropriate and timely for Jeremy's excellent talk on his travels in Iceland earlier this year.

A map of Iceland indicating the route taken, predominately the west side of the island, together with places of interest was shown at the beginning. The presentation was divided between various subjects, such as people, buildings, churches, geology of the country, waterfalls, lava fields, mountains, and glaciers.

Clearly a car was essential to get around together with skillful driving over some difficult conditions.  Blue skies seem to be in very short supply in Iceland, but the clouds, particularly storm clouds added to the drama, very well captured by Jeremy. In addition, the total isolation and bleakness of the
landscape was very well illustrated.

Some of the amazing waterfall images burst into life with the help of video extracts. Other images showed photographers getting a good soaking when a geyser erupted!

As one would expect Jeremy's images were of a very high standard and well processed.

This was an entertaining and enjoyable evening. Thank You Jeremy.

Terry Day

PSCC Secretary