Landscape Cups Jan 5 2023

Date Published 
Sat 7 Jan 2023

Landscape Cups Jan 5 2023

Owing to a number of members being on vacation a small but select audience were present at the annual landscape competition judged on the evening by Rojer Weightman. There were 24 PDIs and 15 prints entered. Rojer an experienced judge, was very constructive in his critiques of the images and held back several from each competition before making his final decisions. This was an enjoyable evening only spoilt by the lack of attendees.

Results PDIs

1st Chris Gilbert The Natural Bridge, Yoho National Park

2nd Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Joe Cornish Boulder

3rd David Butler The Fellsman

HC Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell High in the Dolomites

HC Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell A Swaledale Classic View

C Sue Hipperson Lake Padarn, Llanberris

C Terry Day Mist Rising

Results Prints

1st Chris Gilbert Glacier Bay, Alaska

2nd Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Lonely Little Island

3rd Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Winter isall it's cracked up to be

HC Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Kirkjufellfoss

C David Butler Cromer Pier

C David Butler Misty Winter Morning

Chris Gilbert