Mono Cups 18 May 2023 - Judge Colin Southgate

Date Published 
Fri 19 May 2023

Without the distraction of colour there is something very appealing about seeing a collection of mono images displayed together. It's another way of seeing the world and is somehow much more than just applying a desaturating filter.

The images we presented to Colin were as usual very varied and it is to our credit that he pondered for a long time before being able to separate out the winners.

Another enjoyable evening and many thanks to Colin for judging this competition for us.



1st Assaf Frank Blackpool Pier

2nd Assaf Frank Moving Weather

3rd Chris Gilbert Cone

HC Sue Anderson Pulsatilla Vulgaris Seed Head

HC Chris Gilbert Slightly Eggcentric

HC Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Raudisandur Beach

C Terry Day It's This Way

C Leon Flack There was Gold in Them Klondyke Mountains

C Norman Marshall Dad did you Like My Singing!


1st Chris Gilbert Lens Ball View

2nd Chris Gilbert Groynes

3rd Assaf Frank Busy Times Square

HC Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Beached

HC Assaf Frank Calla Lillies

C Terry Day Friends Chatting

C John Jennings Natascha Triptych

Chris Gilbert