Mono Cups Judge Colin Southgate (Harpenden) 25 January 2024

Date Published 
Mon 29 Jan 2024

Colin Southgate returned to Park Street to judge our Mono PDI and Print competitions. There were 33 PDIs entered and 15 prints. Initially 13 PDIs were held back warranting a second look before being whittled down for the final placings. Jeremy's atmospheric portrait 'Traditional Music' was finally awarded 1st place.

Colin took quite a while to separate out the final placings for the prints but in the end awarded it to Assaf for his 'Castle in the Sky'.

Many Thanks to Colin for an enjoyable evening.


1st Jeremy Fraser- Mitchell Traditional Music

2nd Sue Hipperson Our Favourite Things

3rd Norman Marshall It's Tea Tme without Milk


Assaf Frank Amsterdam Vesta

Chris Gilbert Pak Choi

Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Ginkgo Biloba


Leon Flack Sunbeams at Antelope Canyon

Chris Gilbert It Takes Allsorts


1st Assaf Frank Castle in the Sky

2nd Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Pipe Dream

3rd David Butler Embleton Bay


Chris Gilbert Walking the Dog

Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Nature's Calligraphy


Chris Gilbert Physalis

David Butler This Torchured Earth

Chris Gilbert