Open PDIs Round 2 Judge Amanda Wright (Ealing)

Date Published 
Tue 14 Nov 2023

A good turn out of members together with a very respectable entry of 46 images made for a good evening. Amanda made some useful and constructive comments on many of the images and held back 18 of them before the break. Eventually 6 were highly commended, 3 were commended and after admitting that she had changed her mind a few times the final placed images were announced with Jeremy taking the evening's honours – an enjoyable evening!

!st Parasol Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell

2nd Friends Chatting Terry Day

3rd Petworth Park Rotunda Chris Gilbert

Highly Commended

Path to the Sea Assaf Frank

On Top of The World Chris Gilbert

Arctic Dwellings Leon Flack

Incense Stick Factory Jeremy Fraser- Mitchell

Second Hand Chris Gilbert

Forest Gold Light Assaf Frank


Ruined in Swaledale David Butler

The Barmaid John Jennings

The Golden City David Butler

Chris Gilbert