Open Prints Round 2

Date Published 
Wed 7 Dec 2022

Our open prints round 2 was judged by Paul Burwood who held back a few more prints that was needed, so members were kept on the edge of their seats until the final outcome was announced. Each print was commented in detail and some very useful comments made.

The results were:

First Place: Liverpool Reflection Chris Gilbert

Second Place: Rapid Flow Chris Gilbert

Third Place: Tenderness David Butler

Highly Commended:

Escalators David Butler

Flamenco Fantasy John Jennings

Katie John Jennings


Leadenhall Market David Butler

Abandoned Jeremy Fraser Mitchell

Number 11 Jeremy Fraser Mitchell

Ring for Service John Jennings

Overall, a very enjoyable evening. Thanks for Paul Burwood for spending an evening with us, much appreciated.

Terry Day

PSCC Secretary