OUR PRINT DISPLAY AT GREENWOOD PARK, Saturday pm, 20th August 2023

Date Published 
Sun 21 Aug 2022

The Bricket Wood Gardening Club invited us to display some of our prints at their annual show on 20th August 2023 at Greenwood Park. As we had already had a major exhibition running at the Radlett Centre, we were rather short of prints, particularly as we have not been doing prints for the last two years.

Fortunately, David Butler, Jeremy and Terry were able to supply sufficient range of mounted prints to show off our capabilities. Throughout the show, which lasted just over two hours, there was plenty of interest in our prints. It was interesting how many young children looked with interests at the range of prints. We may have also gained a potential member.

I would like in particular to thank David Butler for assembling the stand, with minor help from myself, and at the end of the show returning the stand to our store at St Stephens Centre. In addition, thanks to Mike Webb who was on hand to help man the stand.

Terry Day