Panels Competition March 3rd

Date Published 
Fri 3 Mar 2023

This is a relatively new competition over the last couple of years for the club having been introduced to us and judged by our resident judge Dave Hipperson.

The rules were that between 5 and 15 images including the background could be arranged either as a panel or as a montage, although it was a slightly grey area as to which some entries belonged to. Initially Dave looked through all of the 28 images and assigned all to one or the other category. The outcome was that there were 10 images considered to be Montages and the remaining 18 images Panels.

This competition not only encouraged members to produce good images but crucially to arrange them in the most appealing way – not so easy as it might sound! If there was a weak image in the wrong place it could spoil the whole outcome. Dave gave some very useful and constructive comments on each image and made suggestions as to how the arrangement in some of the panels could be improved. It was clear that the overall quality of the panels had improved from last year and this will be a competition to stay in the club's programme. The winners were gratefully able to celebrate with a bottle of Prosecco!

Very many thanks to Dave for judging and making it a very enjoyable evening.



1st Matty Joobs Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell

2nd Alcester Food Market - Terry Day

3rd LondonCalling - Assaf Frank


1st Beach Art - Chris Gilbert

2nd Sky Garden - David Butler

3rd The Metal Gods – Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell

All of the images may be viewed on the website under the 'results' gallery

Chris Gilbert