PDI of the Year 2022-23 Judge Tom Peck 8 June 2023

Date Published 
Fri 16 Jun 2023

A bumper entry of 76 images (probably rather too many) were entered in this competiton. After the competiton the feeling was that maybe we should exclude the images from the panel competition in future. Tom Peck was an excellent judge and gave constructive critiques on all of the images. 22 images were held back for a second look before Tom made his final decisions. Many thanks to Tom for an enjoyable evening.


1st   Show me the Way    Assaf Frank

2nd  Hudson River Reflection   Assaf Frank

3rd   The Vineyard   Chris Gilbert

Highly Commended

Nigella  Chris Gilbert

Obsolescense  Chris Gilbert

Henna Beard   Chris Gilbert

Blackpool Pier   Assaf Frank

Cone  Chris Gilbert

Shingle Beach Sunset  Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell

Solo Flamenco  John Jennings

Chris Gilbert