Date Published 
Sun 12 Feb 2023

Organised and run by Jeremy and what an evening it turned out to be!

We had a good number of our members entering up to 20 images which were divided into groups of 5, and in the first session, members were divided randomly into pairs and instructed to comment on the images displayed. This took about 65% of the time, but the comments made were constructive and worth following up. Clearly, a mobile phone is useful if you are out without your normal camera equipment and this session encouraged members to still look out for possible images.

It was clear that many of the images could be entered by the individual member in the annual CACC mobile phone competition. Several of the images would also be very acceptable entered into regular competitions as well. We certainly need to encourage more members to enter.

The remaining time was taken by briefly looking at the remaining images as there was a lot of images still to look at and no real time to comment on them. Some very good images were shown.

As the programme organiser, assisted by Sue Hipperson, how about a separate competition next season for mobile phones? Views to Chris or myself please.

Terry Day

Park Street Secretary