Date Published 
Fri 8 Jul 2022

A very reasonable number of members turned up on a very warm
summer evening for a barbeque followed by presentation of cups. Some
members who arrived early took the opportunity of walking round the
spacious lawns of Jeremy’s grounds.
It was a good moment for members to have a chat, as sadly for this
year, opportunities for face-to-face meetings have been rather limited.
We certainly had a great evening yesterday at Jeremy's country estate
for PSCCs annual social and trophy presentations. Special thanks to
Jeremy for his BBQ skills and his accurate weather prediction!
Once the fire was ready, we all loaded up our food, checking it regularly.
When the food was ready we sat down for a banquet. Some
members brought plenty of salad with them. Assaf and Ailsa provided us
with some lovely juicy watermelon to round off the meal.
In respect to the cups I was helped by Dave Hipperson, who handed me
each cup, so I could check who had won it and could call the member up
to hand the cup over in person. When my two cups came up, he kindly
presented them to me. I was taken aback how smoothly the presentation

So, I thought it was all over, but I was wrong. David Butler appeared
from nowhere carrying a large shopping bag. On behalf of the members,
I was presented with two presentation boxes containing specialist gin
and tonics. In addition, Rose Butler had kindly baked a large carrot cake,
covered in marzipan, and finished with icing. On the top of the cake was
a Ferrari F8 Tributo!!!
So out came a cutting knife, so all the members had a nice hunk of cake
which was utterly delicious. The Ferrari is now in safe paws. (See below)
I must thank the members for this very kind and generous surprise.

Terry Day
Outgoing PSCC Chairman