Date Published 
Fri 17 Jun 2022

The judge Richard Speirs, based in Cumbria, was very complementary about the images produced
by our club. This was clear from the number of images he praised without holding them back. This took the best of the best to a different level.
The results were as follows:
First Place Twenty years on David Butler
Second Place Long Tailed Tit Peter Winter
Third Place Odd one out Chris Gilbert

Highly Commended:
Erica John Jennings
Cubism No 2 Chris Gilbert
Colourful Rock Face, Portugal Chris Gilbert
Blue Tit Chris Gilbert
Harley Biker Chris Gilbert

Inscrutable Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
Round we go Terry Day
Ad infinitum Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
Ornamental grass flower Chris Gilbert
Young lady at Southbank Terry Day
Disconnected heads David Butler
In profile Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
Vin liqueurs Assaf Frank
The wave Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
Eyes on me David Butler
Perfect poise in pink John Jennings

Park Street Camera Club would like to thank Richard for spending an evening with us.

Terry Day
Friday, 17 June 2022