Date Published 
Fri 20 May 2022

Unfortunately, a few technical problems delayed the start of the competition. On this occasion we were joined via ZOOM by Graham Parry from Essex who gave some very useful comments on each image displayed. He emphasised the importance of cropping and removing distractions.

A summary of the results is given below:

PDI Monochrome

First Place        South Bank                  Assaf Frank

Second Place The Mayors been delayed by the great unwashed!   Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell

Third Place    Poodle      Chris Gilbert

Highly commended:

Pier Rock Branch Assaf Frank

Petulant princess Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell

Print Monochrome

First Place Cheesed off trio Terry Day

Second Place Ornamental grass flower Chris Gilbert

Third Place Vin liqueurs Assaf Frank

Highly commended:

Lonely in Lyme Regis Dave Hipperson

Park Street Camera Club would like to offer their appreciation to Graham Parry for providing us with an enjoyable evening.

Terry Day