Round 1 open print competition.

Date Published 
Sun 16 Oct 2022


 This competition was judged by Kevin Day who commented on each print in detail and in each case provided valuable and constructive advice. We are very grateful for him giving us his time.

A good evening was had by all PSCC members who were able to attend.

This was our first competition where the judge was not required to allocate points. The results were as follows:

First Place: Chris Gilbert "Winter Undergrowth"

Second Place: Chris Gilbert "Phalaenopsis Orchid"

Third Place: Dave Hipperson "Window on Summer"

Highly Commended: Dave Hipperson "Go Away"

Sue Hipperson "Arriving At"

David Butler "Down Memory Lane"

Chris Gilbert "Gold on Gold"

Dave Gowlett "Passing Storm"

David Butler "Wain Wath Falls"

Commended: Terry Day "Classic Saloon Racing"

Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell "Temple in the Trees"

Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell "The North Pole?"

Terry Day "Masserati 250F"

Report by Terry Day

15th October 2022