Date Published 
Sat 10 Sep 2022

Essentially, this covered:

Landscapes–blurring the moving clouds, leaves on trees, or waving grass

Seascapes–softening the water or make it completely flat

Waterfalls and rivers –textured / creamy / flat water

Architecture–blurring skies with soft streaks of clouds and to make crowds on the street disappear

People–to make ghost like appearances of crowds with people

Traffic–headlights, streaks, impressions

The talk began with lot of useful technical tips and advice.

Paul emphasised the importance of a sturdy tripod, as typically exposures could be many minutes long, and consequently low cost tripods would be unsuitable as they were simply not rigid enough to withstand wind or other potential causes of camera movement. Use of filters to increase exposure was covered, essential when shooting in good light or when emphasising movement which required long exposures.

He also covered deliberate camera movement showing some stunning images. Overall the lecture was illustrated with some excellent images culminating with his successful ARPS panel that showed the techniques end product very well.

Overall, a very interesting lecture, well presented and illustrated by Paul.

Terry Day

9th September 2022.