"THAT'S NOT A LANDSCAPE" 24th November 2022, Huw Alban (West Country)

Date Published 
Sun 27 Nov 2022

Another very interesting Zoom lecture, this time by Huw Alban. There was certainly a good selection of landscape images, but also plenty of outdoor images that probably would not necessarily be classified as landscape.

Clearly, Huw had a good eye for an interesting outdoor image and striking compositions and this made the lecture of particular interest. Some of the images shown that were landscape were not necessarily taken with ideal lighting conditions, an aspect often considered essential by some landscape photographers. But we all note that to get perfect lighting conditions rarely occurs and it was therefore encouraging to see that he managed to produce images with drama even under less than perfect conditions. Thus from my point of view, his lecture was of particular interest as it clearly illustrated it was important to carry a camera with you at all times, but use your eye to spot interesting images and compositions with plenty of impact.

Overall, a very educational lecture from a skilled photographer.

Terry Day

27th November 2022