Wildlife Cups 9 March 2023

Date Published 
Sun 12 Mar 2023

Having lost a few of the more 'specialised' wildlife photographers in the last couple of years the number of entries for this season's competition were rather disappointing. Nevertheless there were still many good images for our judge Andy Sands to consider for the evenings awards and many were held back in each category for final consideration.

Andy as well as judging the images from a photographic point of view, and making constructive suggestions how they might be improved, was always able to use his wildlife expertise and a smattering of anecdotes to broaden our knowledge about some of the creatures on display.

We are always indebted to Andy for the entertaining evenings he has given to us at Park Street and this was no exception.



1st Leon Flack - Hitching a Ride

2nd Terry Day - I have a Headache

3rd Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell - Stellar's Jay, Yosemite

HC Chris Gilbert - Lucerne Bug

C Leon Flack - Hanging on the Rock

C Chris Gilbert - The Murder in my Garden

Print Cup

1st Chris Gilbert - A Clutch of Cygnets

2nd David Butler - Red Squirrel

3rd David Butler - Asian Elephants

HC Chris Gilbert - Curlew

C Terry Day - You are going the Wrong Way

Chris Gilbert