Wildlife Cups Judge Andy Sands 21 March 2024

Date Published 
Fri 22 Mar 2024

Only a few weeks since Andy wowed us with his own wildlife images he was back to judge our own set. There were a total of 27 PDIs and 15 prints to be judged and using his vast experience of wildlife photography was able to make some useful comments on the set we provided. An evening with Andy is always entertaining as well as constructive and this was no exception.



1st Chris Gilbert Emperor Dragonfly

2nd Leon Flack Dancing Emperor in Bluff Cove

3rd Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Rhesus Macaque, Halong Bay


Chris Gilbert Just Popping Out

Chris Gilbert Dock Bug first and Last Instar


Terry Day Urban Pigeon

Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Look both ways before emerging


1st Assaf Frank Blossom Parakeet

2nd Chris Gilbert Mating Green Shield Bugs

3rd Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell Aardvark


Chris Gilbert Capuchin


David Butler Verulamium Park Kingfisher

Chris Gilbert