Date Published 
Sun 20 Dec 2020

We didn’t over inundate him with entries. Really we should have done even just to the memory of a
really fine fellow John W. who we lost a year or two back and to whom this competition is
dedicated – hence the wide variety of subject matter – he was a bit of an all-rounder.

Coincidentally Les informed me that he himself had just emerged from a bout of cancer treatment
and hence had not been judging for a while. Clearly the break had done him good as he we very
much back to his old friendly style slightly lacking the last time he was with us.

The evening comprised three little mini events in practice with contestant’s total scores being added
up in each to determine a winner. One image only allowed in People/Portrait, Landscape and Mono.
That shouldn’t have taxed the energies of any member as surely we have one each of them in our
files somewhere – hopefully something which the other members hadn’t seen! Jeremy still had to
remind us and eventually no less that eight submitted images.

Examining the final scores. Les had certainly done a bit of home study on the pictures as there was a
single 20 in each category and below that scores spread fairly evenly and although he only went
down to 15 that was enough to eliminate all but a couple of ties.

In the landscape section Chris Gilbert’s ‘Swiss Village’ was a stand-out effort and received 20,
runner up was Sue Hipperson with a shot taken in Spain that might just have reminded Les of the
often similar scenery from his native South Africa. David Butler made use of reduced pedestrian
activity in the centre of London to bring us a striking ‘Abandoned City.’ This received 18
Monochrome produced a striking shot ‘Midday Sun’ by Jeremy taken in Brazil. Just foot prints in
the sand dune and looking increasingly laboured if the sudden change of direction half way up –
presumably to lessen the steepness of the climb – was anything to go by. Simple but a great
atmosphere and worthy of 20. ‘Starry Eyes’ from John Jennings a close up portrait of a lady behind
an interesting veil received 19 and Norman Marshall got in the money with his ‘Blooming White’
flower shot despite a tiny bit of over exposure on the far right side. Still worth an 18.
Possibly the People/Portrait were the strongest. Chris Gilbert pretty much wrapping up the overall
totals with the only 20 in this section entitled ‘Contemplation’ – a thoughtful pose of a gentleman
with his chin in his hands despite Chris’s alternative emotion ‘Anticipation not doing so well in the
Mono section. David Butler once again second with a 19 for his ‘Airbourne’ a sail-boarding
action sports shot and a little trio of 20s style young lads shot by John Jennings entitled ‘Boys will
be Boys’ received 18. Actually Jeremy’s ‘Striking a chord, striking a pose’ shot of a modern guitar
player also received 18.

So with a quick bit of adding up Christ Gilbert emerged with 55 points but so had Jeremy Fraser
-Mitchell from his 20,18 and 17 the latter for a rather amusing landscape entitled ‘Finger’. Lez had
to break the tie and did so by examining all six images again however it could have gone either way
in as much as Jeremy did actually get a more consistent score. David Butler was third with a total of
53 points. A good night – not enough entries but glad to see Les back healthy and on top form.

Dave Hipperson