Easter Social Evening Experiment…PSCC…..1st April

Date Published 
Fri 2 Apr 2021

Why not? We had become so conversant with zoom it seemed illogical to stop just because there was s public holiday around the corner. The club members were therefore invited to come along as usual and have a natter. This interaction works pretty well because we can see individual faces clearly but it does inhibit slightly, as one is never quite sure if one can always be heard. So you shout – at least I was told I was shouting but then ‘she’ was next to me!

There had been a mention that it was April Fool’s night and possibly any contributions should bear this in mind. That was the green light for Dave Hipperson to produce a ‘bogus’ document that he insisted he had just received from the CACC effectively sacking him and all other currently booked judges and replacing them with persons randomly selected from CaCC clubs by their respective Chairman. (Actually it sounded like quite an interesting idea.) This “Initiative” was to be in place from Monday 5th April! Anyway despite Dave’s attempts as acting the aggrieved judge with a serious announcement, one by one members saw through this as a prank. Much hilarity – no harm done and Dave would like to apologies for any slightly too colourful language he might have used while ‘in character.’

Then quite a lot of useful experimentation with the possibilities of Zoom and Screen Sharing was attempted. After some fiddling in that area Terry was able to show us some edits and how to do them live on the screen. The used a recent Gorilla based image that he had entered in the recent Wild Life event and improved it no end.

Jeremy showed us his proposed RPS Panel (15 Prints) as PDIs. The subject was around Local Landscapes mostly having been taken at the London Colney Lakes and in carefully timed lighting conditions. Indeed that alone was a revelation as we most of us knew the locations but had probably not all coincided with the best light conditions when we had visited.

David Butler had constructed an interesting kitchen interior multi exposure which to all the world made it appear as if he knew what he was doing in such a room. Along with another - slightly more believable one of him tolling in the garden. A very tidy garden it was too but then its amazing what you can do in photo-shop.

Possibly most extraordinary of all was Chris Gilbert’s almost apologetic tone when he displayed scores of quite astonishing quality images which he had been posting on Facebook and Flickr. Clearly he need only select and arrange a small hand full of these for him to easily obtain a distinction from the RPS. Good fun and two hours flew by. This is an idea well worth continuing with over holidays. Keeps us talking and showing images which is what it’s all about.

Dave Hipperson