First 'Print' Comp….PSCC…..Judge Kevin Day (Stoke Poges)…..16.9.2021

Date Published 
Sat 18 Sep 2021

Prints is possibly a slight misnomer. Entries having now to be made through our Website, to simplify the issue of cut-off times, these images had, out of necessity, to be the standard 1600x1200 size. Therefore they were really no different from standard PDIs. Is hoped to get back to proper print competitions when meeting in groups becomes more acceptable to the majority of members. However this interim arrangement allows us to continue with an alternative event to the PDIs until that time. Many clubs have simply ditched the print idea altogether. This way we still keep two leagues going.

Kevin Day our judge understood this and went about business as usual. Clearly he had viewed and thought about the pictures before hand as his comments were comprehensive. Much in the same way as Damon Guy the week before; the rather reduced numbers allowing more time to be spent on each one. No waffle, all good helpful ideas sprinkled with humour and as always enthusiasm.

The regular problem with scoring range was well handled too. We got a 12 in the mix. The fact that it happened to be one of mine – well sometimes you just have to take one for the team! There were certainly a couple of other candidates.

Unlike Damon the week before Kevin’s take on this judging business is to look more at the technical aspects of the images and their wow factor if any. Perhaps we were a bit short in that department as many of us have been doing much less actual picture taking and we are scratching around a bit. There were a larger percentage of poorer shots, certainly from a pictorial standpoint, than usual.

The six he held back were scored 19 and 20 later. Of the rest the technically fine ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ from Leon got hammered. Only a 13? Two from David Butler, ‘Wain Wath Force’ and flying heron over ‘Marsworth Reservoir’, Chris Gilbert’s ‘Balance’ of rocks on a beach along with Dave Hipperson’s ‘Primroses’ all managed 17s. At 18 Sue Hipperson’s ‘Urban Grasses’ and Chris Gilbert’s ‘Camelia’ along with an interesting architectural shot ‘Heavens Above.’ From John Jennings that reminded us of the upper parts of the Segrada Famillia in Barcelona.

After a short break we re-formed to discover the fate of the half dozen so far held back. A good natural history entitled ‘River Otters’ received 19 along with Jeremy’s fine cathedral interior roof space ‘Stone Forest’ also a perfect title.

The remaining four were all awarded 20’s. Possibly there could have been a little more in the way of demarcation here. Jeremy F-M’s ‘Brighton Bandstand’ was a novel take on the pier ruins and Kevin made some very interesting suggestions as to how the said ruins might be improved at least for the benefit of this image. Why not – they are hardly sacred. That was 4th. John Jennings’ Erica took 3rd - a lady we had seen before but this time a different pose. Jeremy might have been unlucky to be only 2nd with his cleverly captured ‘Twet Tarn’. Kevin being quite right when he praised the light as much as the composition. It was a landscape that you could look into for some time. Topping the night once again, as he had done in the PDIs the week before and with the same lady, the elusive John Jennings with his ‘Perfect Poise in Pink.’ Another action image of his dancer frozen perfectly. Interesting to notice that after Damon had explained to us the importance of fingers positions in such poses – Kevin also noticed this aspect explaining in this case that her upper hand appeared to have only three fingers and as such jarred slightly. Not enough to avoid the win however but reassuring to hear two separate judges with different techniques still agreeing about that particular aspect of portraiture. Very powerful and helpful information.

Perhaps we are too quick to complain about our judges. I wonder if we should actually criticise them at all sometimes when in the main they tread carefully within the parameters that the CACC lay down for them. Parameters that clearly explain the criteria so you and I know where we are when we enter. You have only to venture outside our world to quickly realise what a bear pit it is!

Dave Hipperson