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Sat 23 Jan 2021

Most of the World is discovering how effectively companies, businesses, groups, families and clubs
can stay together keep in touch and keep operating during the current circumstances with the use of
Zoom conferencing. We photographic clubs are possibly amongst the most lucky as we can, still run
our competitions hardly effected even if access to the new raw material is proving increasingly
difficult. Clubs are currently benefitting from availability of a wider range of judges too, distance no
longer being a hurdle so we have a wider choice for this coming season. We already use the
computer as a major part of these activities, its one of our tools and our finished product is designed
to be shown on a screen. We should therefore take this opportunity to interact especially on the
nights when there is less of a competitive element. Those doubters should also be assured that unlike
many clubs we happen to have in Jeremy (our host) someone who can quickly put at ease and assists
with any technical issues that anyone joining might have and Terry and Chris our Chairman and
deputy who are happy to illustrate their own limitations occasionally if just to encourage the rest of

Last Thursday 21 st January Sue and myself even took the risk of controlling (if that’s the correct
word) our own images during the “Christmas Photos” evening and managed OK and learnt some
more without being made to look total idiots. So what are most of you waiting for. We are still
getting comparatively few joining us and these evenings are great fun with lots of friendly banter
and very little judgmental stuff.

A number of us were able to display the snaps we had taken over Christmas and they varied from
the damn silly to the suprisingly moving. Isolation at Christmas being dealt with in various ways but
at all times encouraging people to take pictures even of food which is a particularly appealing but
too often over looked subject. (Probably diminished in stature by the memory of all those tourist you
bump into abroad excitedly taking pictures of their first Pizza of their Mediterranean holiday.)
Terry had almost a dozen roast potatoes with this pork and actually admitted to letting it go a bit
cold because of giving priority to the photography and not the eating. It still looked succulent.
There were some very atmospheric outdoor wintery scenes from various people who had crept out at
dawn to catch the occasional frost or misty start as well as some artistically captured Christmas light
arrays around houses in David Butler’s neighbourhood and quite a few very acceptable robins.

The image that stood out for me however was the very warm and inviting scene played out in the
Anderson’s living room. A really well captured picture of the two of them and their dinning table at
the start of Christmas Dinner. (Usual visitors trapped elsewhere, some in Australia). If I had that I
would definitely think about using it as my Christmas card next year – a real cracker! Examining it
carefully it appears that Chris is actually just about to spill his wine. A perfect ‘moment in time’.
There was a collective sigh when Jeremy revealed matter in a matter of fact way that all he had had for lunch that
special day had been a sandwich! I am sure he could have done with some of Sue H’s homemade
mince pies she showed us splendidly arranged on a silver star effect dish.

So come on all the members that have not joined in so far . People’s Cups next week, Paul
Burwood judging and I know he is looking forward to it. Come and watch the whole idea works
really well.

Dave Hipperson


Thanks for an excellent report Dave, we may not have the numbers, but we certainly have the quality in our membership.

Submitted by terry-day1 on Sun 24 Jan 2021 10:20am