PRINT COMP (Rnd. 3) Judge Colin Southgate

Date Published 
Tue 19 Jan 2021

 A reprieve for the Print competition! For the interim they are being run as full resolution PDI events. This was the first such experiment and saw the return of the ever welcome Colin Southgate. To many he might have come as a breath of fresh and traditional air after a number of recent brushes with judges that seemed over anxious to display to us their photo-shop skills sometime perhaps at the expense of their scoring accuracy.Colin showed us further respect by dressing the part too. Bow tie, white shirt and jacket. We never saw if he was wearing any trousers!

Jeremy had managed to tease out an entry of 46 images and of a most acceptable standard. Colin still managed to spread them out over eight levels of score – just one 13, but leaving an exciting five way tie at the end from a group of 20s.Returnee Graham Hutchinson got close with ‘Hugo’ a very attractive portrait of a Golden Retriever as did a couple of Chris Gilberts’, ‘The Huddle’ of mushrooms, and ‘Red Campion Seed Head’. All these scored 19 along with Jeremy’s ‘Alpe de Siuse Panorama’, David Butler’s action capture of ‘Three Windsurfers’, Sue Anderson’s street shot ‘Eyes Watching You’ and another cleverly lit one from Terry of passengers at ‘Blackfriars Station.’ Jacqui Taylor’s excellent ‘Stag In Richmond Park’ also scored the same along with her pictures of a cheetah family against a backdrop of Wildebeest called ‘ On the Move’. Phew! Those were quite a large group for such a high standard.

Notable 18s included John Jenning’s clever ‘Cheeky Shadow which took a couple of seconds but showed a dancer lit against a conventional paper roll backdrop set-up but casting a completely different shadow to the one you might expect. Good shapes in the background too and using the curve of the paper to good effect. Sue Andersons ‘Autumn Advancing’ picture of leaves also worked really well. Possibly unlucky included an image from Chris Gilbert entitled ‘Lupin’ only receiving a 17 (it’s from the pea family you know) along with Jeremy’s now famous ‘Norman -Twister!’ A victim of its own success maybe as it isn’t a twister and was actually shot on a local walk. A walk that Norman will probably never be allowed to forget as he too could have been there but was allegedly washing his hair!So to create drama a second round!

Although Colin had elected to not hold back he had finished up with five 20 point finalists. Fifth being another from Chris ‘Peppercorns’ still life, fourth, John Jenning’s ‘Bearded Barge Master’ beaten by his own ‘Bride or Groom’ also a good title for an attractive lady holding a horse. Runner up was another from Chris Gilbert, a high key minimalistic still life of three bowls and three eggs. ‘Three Plus Three’. The winning image was Jacqui Taylor’s shot ‘Tano Bora’ which pictured five male Cheetahs named this by the locals. Jacqui explained how they were a now well know group that had learnt to hunt together and for that reason were having great success bringing down larger pry than they might usually obtain. Interesting to learn this extra information and realise how much Jacqui is becoming involved in this area of wildlife. When you appreciate that of the five images she entered in this event she scored 16, 17, 19,19, & 20 that is going some. Especially when one accepts that (to my mind at least) her best shot was probably the 16 -‘Watching’ closely followed by one of the 19s ‘On The Move.’

We are indebted once again to Colin for delivering a fine well balanced night reviewing a wide assortment of subject matter. I couldn’t deduce that he had any favourite genre distorting his choices – could you?

Dave Hipperson