PSCC…… SUMMMER PICS…..3.9.2020 By Dave Hipperson

Date Published 
Sun 15 Nov 2020
Report by Dave Hipperson
What is sure to be a rather unusual, hopefully unique season, started off with a comparison of some
of our recent holiday shots just to get us into the swing of things. All done effortlessly via Zoom
although like the proverbial gliding Swan what looks calm on the surface often requires frantic
paddling beneath. So it was that Jeremy handled the link-up so smoothly that members could simply
sit back and enjoy.
Those not attended really should think about this. They can relax about the complexities. There
really aren’t any. Everything is quite secure and in many ways it’s better than a face to face evening
as no one has to hump about with chairs, tables and projectors and in the unlikely event of a
distraction you can actually absent yourself without hardly anyone noticing. Perish the thought of
Chris Gilbert has experimented with quite a bit of Macro in the last few months and showed us some
great images of insects, flowers and seed heads. Various forays out into wild flower meadows being
the sources for many types as well as when he was working on his allotment. Most of it done within
a few miles of his own home. Dave Hipperson’s contribution also centred on domestic situations
particularly some good close-ups of interesting if relatively common birds of which he and Sue had
become more aware this year. As Andy Sands and Connie Fitzerald have repeatedly shown us it
only takes a little regular feeding for wild animals, birds and mammals, to become quite tame.
Jacqui Taylor had been lucky to have made her trip to Africa and return, just before air travel pretty
much ceased. As a result she was able to show us some fine animal portraits – particularly big cats –
many of which doubtless will be winning high scores for her later in the year.
Dave Butler had got away too and obtained some very interesting images from his visits to Bosham
and Emsworth on the South Coast. Managing to combine interesting and colourful compositions
with an entertaining documentary style which showed us, amongst other things, the potential
downsides of living too close to the sea and the sometimes novel ways that the locals cope with the
problems. There are some very impressive architectural images on the Park Street CC Face-Book
page captured during David’s visits to London with Jeremy F-M.
The Andersons had used the long hot and mostly dry thee months to visit various ornate gardens
including an exploration of places around Oakham . Sue admitting that she had thought Rutland was
much further North than it is! She showed us interesting pictures of Rutland Water, England’s
largest reservoir, which is very popular with both water sport enthusiasts and wedding parties who
often use the very special Church there which juts right out precariously into the lake.
Mike Webb had snapped a few natural history shots of a different kind around his garden and Terry
Day had, like Dave Butler, been with Jeremy on some useful local walks. They captured some
landscape images that reinforce the argument that you don’t have to go half way around the World
for exciting natural compositions. The right time of day can do a lot of the work.
Finally Jeremy himself explained how the best light had coincided so conveniently with one of their
outings around South Mimms despite those same conditions bringing the occasional sharp shower.
(No one said it would be easy.) Jeremy had also been exploring the lakes around the South of St
Albans adjacent to London Colney. He had captured some fine low light situations there as well as
discovering quite small and simple aids like little pieces of fence leading into the water that made
such a difference to some of his compositions.
Believe it or not that took up the full evening– no padding necessary. A most enjoyable two hours.
In the current situation with Covid infection rates sharply increasing again and Autumn and Winter
approaching we have to face the possibility that we may not meet again in person for some time –
possibly for many, many months. Club photography is not dying because of this. Indeed many of
the CACC clubs with whom I have dealings are reporting increased interest and even increased
membership in these somewhat confined times. ‘The Picture’ seems to be emerging once again as a
fine way to communicate. However the membership of Park Street doesn’t not seem to be
responding. There were but a handful logging in on this night when there was absolutely no
compulsion to have entered any images. Just to see your faces would have been great. It’s not a
technological competition to see how clever you are with your computer. It can’t be because I am a
complete klutz and I am judging on the thing! Give it a go next week – you are in safe hands with
Jeremy in charge of the link.
Dave Hipperson