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Sat 2 Oct 2021

The third competition of the season already! Fear not, next year the plan is to reduce the intensity a bit at the start, particularly as so many of us go away in early September.

Our run of excellent judges continued with Amanda Wright from Ealing who is already well know to us. There is something reassuring when judges of this calibre visit us. You can relax and enjoy the commentary confident in the knowledge that they will see things you have missed in even your own images and put ideas in a way that is both diplomatic and easy to digest. Once again I found myself being talked out of a couple of the scores that I had mentally apportioned before the comp.

However if judges get too kind to the weaker pictures they can start to sound condescending and Amanda never does that either.

It wasn’t a particularly lush tapestry of images we laid before her. It appears some of us are scratching around a bit - I know I am. However she was still able to fine something positive to say about almost everything. We enticed her to score down to a 12 but this still seems difficult for judges despite it being the preferred CACC procedure. Thankfully this time the 12 wasn’t mine. Its only fair we spread them about a bit. A few of the 16s and 17s of which there were many could comfortably have been scored a little less and more were held back that might have been expected. Nearly a quarter of the entry. Scoring those to 19 /20 meant a bit of a bulge at the top.

The most notable 17s being David Butlers “East Coast Haar”and Inclement Weather as well as Leon’s “Boston Sunset. Above them were the 18s from Jacqui Taylor, “Free For All”, Chris Gilbert’s “Peep Hole” and Dave Hipperson’s “Will it ever be finished?” John Jennings also scored here with his “Window Seat” portrait.

The hold backs amounted to another round, the 19s comprising two from Sue Anderson ‘Jag’ and “Another Rose” the flippancy of that title belittling the fine execution of this image. Jacqui Taylor’s Zambian Leopard and Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell’s rather unusual ‘Tight Turn” also scored 19. The rest were 20s. Another fine ballet picture from John Jennings entitled “Floating” was only 4th. Amanda, like our two previous judges, pointing out once again the importance of fingers in both this and John’s earlier “Window Seat” image. Third was David Butler’s shot of a couple of Zebras “Psst, can I tell you a secret?” Terry Day’s “Break for Coffee” was interesting. Outwardly just a group of four seated persons rather cleverly snapped from well above eye height and capturing both expression and atmosphere and doing so through a neatly cropped and well arranged colour pallet. Chris Gilbert won with his trademark and somewhat classic, textbook style, flora depiction “Aquilega.”

The run of good judges will doubtless continue next week when Mark Buckley Sharp comes to investigate our second round of Prints. Dave Hipperson.


David's excellent reports on the competitions are always worth reading and I certainly look forward to seeing them appear. Judging has been particularly good this year.

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