PSCC PRIZEGIVING 2nd September 1st SEPT. 2021

Date Published 
Wed 8 Sep 2021

Things like this can easily go wrong. What with the depleted programme this year and the problem with face to face meetings of any kind it might have been expected that the Park Street annually prize presentation could have been a bit of a damp squib. The fact that it wasn’t was much due to a combination of the hospitality of Jeremy F.M, the co-operative weather and the determination of everyone to turn up. A good club effort.

The outdoor venue had proved most convivial a month before and it came up trumps again. More than a dozen of us gathered in Jeremy’s palatial grounds including most importantly perhaps some that were not recipients of trophies like me and Mike Webb! Chris Gilbert needed a wheelbarrow to carry off his enormous haul of course but still look surprised as he received each cup. Modest as always. Jeremy F.M did well too and the remainder of the awards were scattered evenly down the ranks. From the combined efforts of Sue H. and Jacqui T. all the annual presentation trophies have now been recovered and engraved correctly up to date and are in the right people’s hands.

Jeremy did well again managing the ‘cooking’. He has as way of preventing rain – don’t know how he does that. It’s possible he could hire himself out in this role. Quite a few bottles of wine were consumed by various and encouragingly Rod was heard muttering that he should have brought two.

Possibly the alcohol had had the desired effects on the ambiance as the conversations during the evening were a delight. Memorable interactions like this are not about discussing things but are more about discussing ideas. So here we had a pretty wide range of ideologies firing off and feeding from one another with enthusiasm and good humour. The art of being able to agree to disagree. The core of an entertaining and educational conversation. Rare and definitely worth the price of admission. And all in the Summer evening open air. What was not to like?

Then the guest no one was expecting provided added excitement. Only a quite small green fellow. A grasshopper, actually a bush cricket in case Andy gets to read this, appeared on an orange plastic bag in the middle of our table. The astonishing thing, at least for your reporter was not so much that nearly everyone had a go at taking its picture but the quality of the two images I saw taken on the phones of Chris and Leon. The technology is moving fast. Ideas of having events for ‘smart phones only’ have clealry been left behind already. In many cases it is obvious that the smart phone is now the superior instrument.

I have a feeling this development along with social media may well sound the death knell for camera clubs as we know them. Not so good for us even if it may be good for photography in the long term. Or will it be?

Which is the most important? As always social interaction has the greatest long term benefit whatever the common cause ad so often cements ideas. Showing, comparing, discussing and disagreeing is a vital ingredient. It inevitably improves the breed in anything. So let’s make sure we continue with these informal get togethers while we are a small club.

Dave Hipperson