SECOND PRINT EVENT….PSCCC…..Judge Mark-Buckley Sharp….7th October 2021

Date Published 
Sat 9 Oct 2021

A rather depleted entry even by our standards and sadly some rather poor quality images too. Mark Buckley-Sharp, our judge, did well to contain himself on some occasions. From the couple of dozen, Mark still managed to find five to hold back and in the main they were the best. His remarks on all the images were helpful and often positively entertaining. The scores especially in the lower areas possibly not so logical.

Three images had already scored 17. One belonged to Leon Flack – ‘An Eye On Times Square’. A shot taken of the forever moving illuminated billboards. (I believe if you have a business in Times Square it is legally incumbent upon you to have an illuminated sign.) Slightly less in your face were the pair of London scenes of prominent buildings taken from the Thames by Dave & Sue Hipperson. Also 17s.

The last time we saw Jeremy’s ‘Pylons’ I recall it was praised for all the right reasons. Mark went through them all again with equal enthusiasm then inexplicably gave it 15! This was mysterious and it should clearly have been amongst the held backs or given 17 at least.

Jeremy’s ‘Burlesque’ received an 18 as did Chris Gilbert’s ‘Shallot.’ A good choice for a 19 was David Butler’s ‘Twenty Years’ on. A’ young mourner at the Twin Towers memorial in NewYork. There are times when the backs of people work and this was one of them. Jeremy’s ‘Svalbard Kirke’ building had Mark waxing lyrical about Good King Wenceslas and all things ‘deep and crisp and even’, and likening the allegory to the ‘deep, crisp and even’ feel of Jeremy’s focus in this image. Definitely a 19. However the winner from the start was always going to be Chris Gilbert’s ‘Canary Wharf Station’. Unusual in both vantage point and colour, it stood out not just because it was the first picture we had seen – often a graveyard for poor scores - but was novel interesting and beautifully handled. The worthy winner.

Dave Butler got the results list out over-night and also showed us the graph of scores which clearly centred around the 13 & 14s with a strange and un-tidy dip in the 15s and 16s. As far as the overall leagues are concerned my arithmetic makes it as below. With both Andersons, Jacqui Taylor and John Jennings not entering the last event seriously inhibits their scoring in the overall listings. As did Norman Marshal and Mike Webb not entering the first one.

PDI LEAGUE POSITIONS after two events

1 111….John Jennings

2 106….Jacqui Taylor

3 105….Sue Anderson

= 105…Jeremy Fraser Mitchell

5 101…David Butler

6 100…Chris Gilbert

7 99….Terry Day

8 98…Dave Hipperson

= 98…Sue Hipperson

= 98…Leon Flack

11 96…Chris Anderson

12 40…Norman Marshall

= 40…Mike Webb


1 111…..Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell

2 102…..Chris Gilbert

3 100….David Butler

4 97….Sue Hipperson

5 90….Leon Flack

6 89….Dave Hipperson

7 84….Terry Day

8 83….Norman Marshall

9 58….John Jennings


1 216….Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell

2 202…Chris Gilbert

3 201…David Butler

4 195…Sue Hipperson

5 188…Leon Flack

6 187....Dave Hipperson

7 183…Terry Day

8 169…John Jennings

9 123…Norman Marshall

10 106…Jacqui Taylor

11 105…Sue Anderson

12 96…Chris Anderson

13 40…Mike Webb